Week 1-Discussion 2

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Week 1-Discussion 2

“CDC, BMA and Your State’s DOH”  Please respond to the following:

  • From the first two (2) e-Activities, functioning as an investigator  collaborating with the two (2) agencies to obtain vital statistics on  your particular demographic, you are tasked with obtaining the logistics  and planning phase of the report. Prioritize the items you would  consider when formulating comprehensive letters of inquiry to the  agencies.
  • From the third e-Activity, suppose you are the County Department of  Health, Director of STDs Tracking and Surveillance System, tasked with  drafting a memo to your state’s head of the DOH about ways to optimize  your county’s efficiency. Prepare a rudimentary list of possible  questions to articulate your concerns. Provide a rationale for the  questions you have chosen.


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