University of Missouri Kansas City Computer Science Paper

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University of Missouri Kansas City Computer Science Paper

Automated Decision Systems, Expert Systems, Knowledge Management and Collaborative Systems

Investigate the impact of turning off every communication system in a firm (i.e., telephone, fax, television, radio, all computer systems).

Create a WORD document of at least 500 words (1-2 pages). Make sure you cite any sources you use in your paper and include References at the bottom of your paper with the exact URL where you found these sources. Answer the following questions:

How effective and efficient would the following types of firms be: airline, bank, insurance company, travel agency, department store, grocery store?

What would happen?

Do customers expect 100 percent uptime? (When was the last time a major airline’s reservation system was down?)

How long would it be before each type of firm would not be functioning at all?

Explanation & Answer: 

3 pages



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