University of Missouri Ecommerce Website Implementation Plan Paper

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University of Missouri Ecommerce Website Implementation Plan Paper

Attached is the Outline document for strategic plan using 3-question process. By reviewing the document Implement the Plan below.

Develop an implementation plan

Once you have established your strategic plan using the 3-question process, you need to develop your

implementation plan. Select a topic that you plan to defend via the strategic plan proposal

and start finding resources as well as the steps you need to take to achieve your strategic plan.

Complete the following statements/questions:

Note: Be sure to use terms, principles, strategies, and theories in your IT Strategy textbook.

1. Set the objective for each step

2. Analyze internal/external factors

a. What Are The Roadblocks?

3. Develop solutions

a. How Can You Overcome The Roadblocks?

4. Identify and eliminate barriers

5. Allocate resources (people, time, money)

a. What Resources Do You Need?

6. Develop detailed tasks

a. What Are The Timelines?

7. Implement your plan!

a. What Are The Main Steps To Implement Your Plan?

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Running Head: Strategic IT Planning: The 3-Step Process Question 1: Why do you need to do it? What is your goal? The first step taken is the adoption of the strategy, you need a strategy because it sets the direction and establishes priorities for our organization. It facilitates better understanding of its use, to consider strategic planning in relation to concepts and theories of strategic planning in ecommerce platform. Our goal is simple and clear to identify and reach potential customers and create a differentiated customer experience to capture market share. Question 2: What are the things you need to get done to achieve your goal? To find the new customers we need to understand the customer, the benefits we offer to customers over our competitors. First one is to launch an ecommerce website for the physical store and use the analysis software to uncover our customers behaviors and buying patterns, helps us to use that information to our advantage to analyze and improve the sales. For a differentiated customer experience typically arounds these things: To find a best solution for the customer needs, to make a purchase, and get the review of customer complaints and answers for their inquiries. Question 3: How can you make those things happen? Develop a survey with a list of potential questions using survey monkey and establishing a quality management program; establishing and empowering a quality committee within that program; determining, in priority order, the key determinants of customer dissatisfaction(Willging, P., 2007). We need to use the Business intelligence software like Tableau, Power BI for the real time analysis to monitor and analyze the customer data.


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