University of Miami The Bottom Billion Review Presentation

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University of Miami The Bottom Billion Review Presentation

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Craft a review of Collier’s The Bottom Billion in presentation format. This chapter review, in PowerPoint format, will be assigned early in the semester so we can begin thinking about development politics from various perspectives. Your review should highlight key aspects from your chapter (whether that is one of the four traps or institutions) that Collier identifies. As well, it should provide two to three quotes from the text to help support your review. Presentations should be approximately 10 minutes in length and contain sufficient slides that follow the 6×6 rule (no more than 6 bulleted items and 6 words per bullet; consider these talking points). They should incorporate Chicago Manual of Style for citation. Please refer to The Chicago Manual of Style (via Lynn Library) for proper citation and References format. Please note: You may elect to use APA format if you are not a Political Science major (see Lynn Library for style guides).



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