UC Workplace Diversity Simon Property Group Case Study

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UC Workplace Diversity Simon Property Group Case Study

OB Concept: workplace diversity

As a part of research paper, we need Identify one (1) organization known to unsuccessfully apply the chosen organizational behavior concept that is workplace diversity to their organizational structure. Provide a describe the organizations chosen, their background and how/why this OB concept was applied and unsuccessful. We have chosen Simon Property Group as unsuccessful in satisfying workplace diversity.

please provide history of the company on how it is unsuccessful

APA Style

For reference:

Needs Work: Simon Property Group

The real estate giant Simon Property Group Inc. (SPG) was ranked last in the analysis. The company’s lack of commitment to diversity is especially troubling given its influence in an industry where practices such as redlining and predatory lending have put minorities at a disadvantage in the real estate market for decades. Simon treats diversity issues as a compliance matter and does the minimum to avoid running afoul of EEO laws. SPG is opaque with its EEO-1 stats and its hiring practices with regard to race, gender, and sexual orientation, and the company features a glaring lack of diversity in leadership positions.

Tags: Workplace Diversity Empirical Investigation Traditional Models international competitive statuses Thematic approaches

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