The assignment TMA 01

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The assignment TMA 01

The assignment TMA 01

Part 2: Values, power and agency: Develop your use of the module concepts (50 percent of the mark for this assignment)

Block 1 has introduced three sets of module concepts: time and space; risk and uncertainty; and values, power and agency. Make some bullet point-style notes on how each set can help draw attention to a different aspect of the threats that cities face from rising sea levels. (50 marks)

Word limit: 600 words

Part 3: Develop your understanding of interdisciplinary (30 per cent of the mark for this assignment)

How do you think that an approach that brings together insights from both the natural sciences and the social sciences enriches our understanding of how climate might affect coastal cities? (30 marks)

Word limit: 500 words

In the following pages, you will find:

  • learning outcomes addressed by this assignment
  • student notes for each part of this assignment
  • a checklist to ensure you have done everything required for this

Learning outcomes

Part 2 Learning outcomes

Explain how social and biophysical processes interact to shape environmental change and its consequences.

Develop skills in the analysis of environmental issues using a toolkit of concepts: time and space; values, power and agency; risk and uncertainty.

Part 3 Learning outcomes

Recognize the need for an interdisciplinary approach to explain and interpret environmental issues.

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values, power and agency
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