Terminology Used to Describe Deaf Individuals

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Terminology Used to Describe Deaf Individuals

http://www.washington.edu/doit/how-are-terms-deaf-deafened-hard-hearing-and-hearing-impaired-typically-used (Links to an external site.)

For deeper understanding and knowledge about the Deaf community and Deaf culture as well as the terminology used to describe persons within the community, students need to read the information from the above website and post their reaction to it. Initial postings should be a minimum of 2 paragraphs in length. The post should focus on your perspective on the terminology discussed in the article as well as other terminology the student has seen or heard used by the general public. While discussion boards tend to be more informal in nature, the posting should still try to avoid language that is too casual or disrespectful.


1. Well-integrated posting supported with references from readings and lecture.

2. Two paragraphs in length using appropriate writing conventions.

3. Demonstrates clear understanding of the material and ability apply the information.

4. Response reflects understanding of points made by the author and either supports or refutes.



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