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Temple University Horrible Bosses Movie HARM Analysis

The movie Horrible Bosses allows us to examine The Comic Relief element and Contra-Juxtaposition in mainstream Hollywood movies. The character is intended to be “laughed at” and in order to achieve an objective, the character may purposely play upon cultural stereotypes to manipulate others to achieve those ends. Contra-Juxtaposition is a common convention employed by Hollywood movie makers since it’s so simple to set up and doesn’t require an expensive investment of screen time, dialogue or minority character development. The purpose of juxtaposing two directly or indirectly related entities close together in literature is to highlight the contrast between the two and compare them.

Complete a HARM analysis sheet for the film and answer the question; Are the archetypes in Horrible Bosses an exaggeration of existing minority stereotypes?

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YOUR NAME: NAME OF MOVIE: DATE OF REVIEW: I. Is the movie mainstream? (check four or more to answer yes) o Full Length o First Run o Large Box Office Sales o A-List Talent o Widespread Distribution o Mainstream Media Exposure o Large Production and Marketing Budget Circle One: YES or NO II. What type of movie is it? (write an “X” above each) Less serious Most serious Comedy Horror Action/Adventure Sci-fi/Fantasy Romance Drama III. Who’s in the movie? a) Minority characters that appear in movie (check all that apply): o Asian o Black o Latino o Other b) If so, what is the lead character’s apparent gender? o Male o Female c) How many minority characters do you recall in the film? What’s the quality of the role? IV. Did you observe any minority character do any of the following? (check all that apply) o Offer aid to a white character o Offer little to no dialogue o Ethnicity/race used as fodder for jokes o Violate any laws/moral codes o Act overtly sexual o Occupy an uncommonly high social position o Facilitate healing/understanding for a white character o Have little or no bearing on influence or plot o Physical stature/talent acknowledged directly o Authority undermined/curtailed/compromised o Devoid of relationship outside of white character o Use of exaggerated gestures/tones/languages o Pose a threat for physical harm o Devoid of intimacy/family relationships V. ANALYSIS (check all that apply, and add them up) o Did any minority characters (MC) have significant screen time? o If so, was their contribution essential to the plot development? o Did any MC wield any authority or power over whites? o Were any MCs justified in destroying property to achieve goals? o Did any MCs successfully start a romantic relationship or reunite their family unit? o Were any MCs depicted inside of their homes? o Were any MCs depicted being intimate with the lead? o Were any MCs depicted as being intimate with whites? o Were there scenes containing exclusively MCs? o Did any MC control the pace and action of the movie? White dominant 0–2 Minority Minimal 3–4 Minority Flavor 5–7 Minority Involved 8 – 10 VI. What is your lasting impression? o Negative Impression o Fair Impression o Positive Impression Comments:
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