Stock Portfolio Summary

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Stock Portfolio Summary

Stock Portfolio Summary

In this discussion, you will need to log on to the TDAU thinkorswim platform one more time. Once logged on, review the status of your portfolio and respond to the following: I have attached the screen shots of TDAU if you need more let me know.

Compute and tell the class your final rate of return on your stock portfolio using the start date of the risk and (as the end date) the date of your initial post to this discussion. Be sure to include an “as of” date.

Consider what you have learned in this course and tell the class which stocks you would purchase again and which ones you would not. Explain why.

Tell the class why you believe your stock prices have changed while considering current financial news and information available. Would you want to have bonds or mutual funds in your investment portfolio? Why or why not?

Address the quality of the stock and the company, risk, return, and diversification.

If the shots below are NOT what you need please let me know.

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Stock Portfolio Summary
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