Rates of Recividism

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Rates of Recividism

Rates of Recidivism

Towards the end of her article, Jessica Benko writes about the question of recividism. She discusses this topic with Ragnar Kristoffersen, an anthropologist who teaches at the Correctional Service of Norway Staff Academy.

In your first entry, please describe in detail Kristoffersen’s response. What do we know (and what do we not know) about recividism rates in Norway? And in the US? How easy (or not easy) is it to compare statistics from different countries?

Finally, close to the end Kristoffersen speaks about a “logical error” people make when focusing on rates of recividism or rates of re-incarceration. What does he mean by that? What do you think of his conclusion?


Expert Solution Rates of Recividism

Rates of Recidivism
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