Psychoactive Drugs: Drug Use and Abuse

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Psychoactive Drugs: Drug Use and Abuse

Psychoactive Drugs: Drug Use and Abuse

The training seminar has set up an Internet Discussion Board for the participants to discuss issues related to licit and illicit drugs. You are asked to discuss cultural differences in the consumption and banning of drugs. As an example, the supervisor mentions that he Church of Latter Day Saints has prohibitions against caffeine and smoking tobacco. You are asked to consider the following questions:

What is a drug?
How long have human societies been using psychoactive drugs? (Give several examples)
Select either nicotine or alcohol as an example and briefly describe the drug’s effects on the brain, on behavior and on a person’s health.
Under what circumstances do you think a drug should be limited or banned? For example, do you think any drug that harms health should be banned or any drug that is addictive should be banned? Explain.
Do you think that it would be a good idea for the United States to completely ban alcohol or nicotine? Explain.
Use the Internet and Library databases in your research. Be sure to cite all references.

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Psychoactive Drugs: Drug Use and Abuse
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