Project 3: Cloud Computing Report

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Project 3: Cloud Computing Report

Project 3: Cloud Computing Report

  • Cloud Computing Report Template
    Final Decryption Report
    Your report should include:
    Title page
    Cloud computing overview (reference your own experience in DFC courses when applicable)
    Challenges cloud computing creates for digital forensics
    Tools and techniques used to combat cloud challenges
    Recommendations for handling encrypted data in the cloud
    Trends in mitigating cloud challenges for forensic investigators
  • Lab Report and Analysis of the Decryption Attack from Step 3

In the last few years, a few legal cases have made headlines where encryption of personal cell phones possibly containing evidence has hindered investigations.
There are a variety of tools and techniques to perform encryption and its counterpart decryption.
Because encryption often uses a mathematical element, decryption is generally best performed in an environment that is optimized for mathematical operations. 
Video games and other graphic intensive applications are also mathematically intensive, so the video game environment can provide insight into architecting a decryption environment. Graphic cards can be 50 to perhaps 100 times faster at processing decryption than a normal CPU and physical memory (RAM). 
Ultimately, using an specialized decryption environment that has the ability to leverage one or more high-speed graphic cards can be a tremendous boost in decryption time.
The development of cloud computing in recent years has also affected forensic investigations. As more files are stored in the cloud, the chances of evidence being in the cloud has also increased.
In this project, you’ll spend some time thinking and writing about this issue as well.
Yvonne, your manager, has asked you to continue to assist law enforcement by working to
recover case-related information from encrypted files and artifacts that the law enforcement team has not been able to access. She believes that the case can be cracked with the evidence contained in the encrypted files, so this has become a priority.
This project has five steps. In Step 1, read about encryption. In Step 2, you will use EnCase to
attempt to decrypt a number of different types of encrypted files. The computer images are small, so processing time isn’t as long as it would be if there were large computer image files to work through. After you complete the lab, go to Step 3 to write your forensic report. Then, in Step 4, research and evaluate how cloud computing is affecting the field of digital forensics. Finally, submit your report on cloud computing in Step 5.

Expert Solution Project 3: Cloud Computing Report

Project 3: Cloud Computing Report
Sample Solution Project 3: Cloud Computing Report


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