Project 1: Stage 2 – Question Exercise

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Project 1: Stage 2 – Question Exercise

Project 1: Stage 2 – Question Exercise

All assignments for this class (unless otherwise specified) should be submitted in a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx).UMGC students have access to Microsoft’s Office 365 applications. Project 1: Stage 2 – Question Exercise
(which includes Word) at no added cost. For more information click here.Stage 2: Question Exercise Please see the Project 1: Technology in the World – Full Description before you begin.Now that you have a specific technology to examine, in this stage, you will answer a series of questions to help you start thinking about how technology functions in the world and what impacts, biases and technological politics s it may have. Address each of the following questions in about 2-4 sentences. Be sure to refer to specific aspects or elements of your artifact to illustrate your answers and to your resource(s). Use at least three resources for your information from the UMGC library. If no sources are available on this topic in the library, make sure you are using reliable resources such as trade magazines, verifiable historical information, information from the item’s website etc. Avoid personal blogs, product reviews, promotional, marketing or advertising materials etc. If you have any questions about a resource, please contact your instructor.
Who created and designed this technology? What are the demographics of the creators? Use at least one reliable resource about inventors, designers, programmers, planners or the company to answer this question. Also, if appropriate, consider if there is a contested history about who invented the artifact. Provide a very brief history of this technology. How long has it been around? What significant changes has it gone through over the years?  According to your observations of this technology in its context, who uses, depends on or interacts with this technology the most? Who uses, interacts or depends on it the least? Who never uses, interacts or depends on it or does not have easy access to it? Why? Based on your observations of this technology in its environment, who seems to benefit from this technology the most? Who might have difficulty benefitting from it and why? What kinds of built-in biases might this technology have due to who benefits from it?Briefly describe one possible change to the design, location, programming or planning of this technology that could change who uses it and/or who can benefit from it. Format Use the attached template. For each section, write about 2-5 sentences. Make sure you address all the questions in each section. Provide a list of your references at the end of your answers in MLA format, and use in-text MLA citations in your answers when necessary. 
Due Date
Nov 15, 2022 11:59 PM
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Rubric Name: Project 1: Stage 2 Rubric

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CriteriaOutstandingSuperiorGood/Needs ImprovementCriterion Score
Identifies Creators/inventors (Question 1) 20%20 pointsThe submission clearly and specifically identifies creators and designers of the technology, as well as provides information about their demographic background. A reliable resource is used.18-20 points 13 pointsThe submission identifies creators and designers of the technology in a general manner. Might not include clear demographic information. Might use a questionable resource.14-17 points11 pointsThe submission does not clearly identify creators, designers or their demographics. Might be missing a resource for this item.0-14 pointsScore of Identifies Creators/inventors (Question 1) 20%,/ 20
Relays History (Question 2) 20%20 pointsThe submission clearly relays a brief history of the technology that includes significant changes or developments.18-20 points 17 pointsThe submission relays a brief general history of the technology.14-17 points14 pointsThe submission relays some information about the history of the technology, but includes no significant details or does not cover this question sufficiently or at all.0-14 pointsScore of Relays History (Question 2) 20%,/ 20
Identifies Users (Question 3) 20%20 pointsThe submission clearly identifies the users of this technology in its context, those who do not use it, and explains why.18-20 points 17.33 pointsThe submission identifies the benefiters of this technology and those who do not benefit. Might not effectively explain why.14-17 points14.67 pointsThe submission might not identify the benefiters of this technology and/or those who do not benefit. Little to no explanation.0-14 pointsScore of Identifies Users (Question 3) 20%,/ 20
Explains proposed changes (Question 5) 20%20 pointsThe submission clearly proposes and explains a well-considered and strategic change to the technology that would change who uses and/or benefits from it.18-20 points  17 pointsThe submission proposes and explains a change to the technology that would change who uses and/or benefits from it.14-17 points  14 pointsThe submission proposes an ineffective change, may not explain change well or include this information.0-14 points  Score of Explains proposed changes (Question 5) 20%,/ 20
Writing 10%10 pointsGrammatical and structural issues do not impede student’s intended meaning.9-10 points  8 pointsGrammatical and structural issues impede student’s intended meaning.7-8 points  6 pointsGrammatical and structural issues systemically impede student’s intended meaning throughout the work. 0-6 points  Score of Writing 10%,/ 10
Resources 10%10 pointsAt least three resources are used. All three resources are credible and reliable. Sources are properly attributed and cited correctly according to MLA style.9-10 points  8 pointsLess than three resources might be included. One or two resources might not be credible and reliable. Sources are attributed and cited mostly correctly according to MLA style. There may be one or two minor errors in the citation. 7-8 points  6 pointsLess than three resources might be included. Sources are not attributed or cited or no attempt at a full citation is made (i.e. citation may just be a title or a link). Or no resources are credible and/or reliable or resources missing.0-6 points  Score of Resources 10%,/ 10


Score of Project 1: Stage 2 Rubric,

/ 100

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Project 1: Stage 2 - Question Exercise


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