Poem Analysis 4 Full Pages

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Poem Analysis 4 Full Pages

Read the attachment poem and write an analysis essay. 

Instruction:  In an essay of four (4) *full pages typed, respond to the topic below. Your response must be composed in formal essay fashion, containing: 

  • a developed introduction,
  • an analytical thesis located at the end of the introduction,
  • three supporting points that support the thesis
  • evidence/specific quoted (MLA format) references to the poem,
  • a sufficient conclusion.

Please note that for a page to be considered a full page you must type to the end of the page. If you submit anything less than four (4) pages, you will receive a zero  “0” grade for the assignment. 


           Analyze the experience in/meaning of your chosen poem and develop a specific thesis that argues the meaning of the poem and  how the poet/poetess uses poetic devices to convey this experience/meaning.  You must identify the poetic devices and explain specifically how the devices are conveying the meaning/experience. You will have to quote (MLA format) specific, words, phrases, refrains or verses to support your argument.  To develop your argument please refer to information in the previous weeks’ summaries and to last week’s PowerPoint presentation on poetic devices. In addition to these sources, you may want to use relevant biographical and/or historical information. If you do so, you must include a Works Cited page (MLA format), which is in addition to the four (4) page requirement.


 The goal of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to analyze how a poet uses poetic devices to construct a poem’s meaning.

III. Format

  • Heading: In the upper right-hand corner, please write your name, the title of the course, instructor’s name, and the due date of 

             this assignment. 

  • Title: Give your essay an original title
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font Size:  12
  • Margins: 1 inch from top, bottom, and sides
  • Number your pages



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