Oxford University Japan Value Education Question

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Oxford University Japan Value Education Question

Research report. A university in America wants to build a campus in Japan. Do Japan value education? What’s Japan’s cultural sensitivity? What’s Japan’s business etiquette? Provide sources and citations for each.

Provide pictures, citations, and primary sources. Make sure you emphasize how it’ll benefit an American university.

Double spaced 6 pages INCLUDING REFERENCE/TITLE pages and including PICTURES . So actual text will be closer to 2-3 pages (at least 2 or 3 paragraphs for each question) . For the “American School” use FDU.

For each of the 3 questions you can add TWO pictures.

Make sure the material you write connects to why it would either be beneficial or not beneficial for FDU to build a college campus in Japan based on the three topic questions.

Tags: education academics Cultural Sensitivity Japan value education Business etiquete

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