outside class activity.

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outside class activity.

answer all the questions in the file below.

compare the prices between all the bowling places.

write that the atmosphere in titan bowling is nice and chill, amp Carter lanes loud and fun, and in concourse bowling as competitive and great.

write that all 3 bowling centers are open and inviting, all 3 are like that because of the music.

and also write that I will visit all of those centers again.

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Outside Class Activity Visit two local bowling centers and compare to Titan Bowl and Billiards. Simply visit two local bowling centers (you do not need to bowl, just simply make observations) and within the paper address the following: 1) How open and inviting were the bowling centers? What made it that way? 2) How do the prices compare to Titan Bowl and Billiards? 3) Would you visit these centers again? Why or why not? Local Bowling Centers include: • • • AMF Carter Lanes, Fullerton Concourse Lanes, Anaheim Linbrook Bowl, Anaheim If you would like to know of other bowling centers in your area, please see me so we can discuss them. Format: Double-Spaced 300-400 words Name and Class (ex. Monday 11:10) in upper right corner Submitted as a .pdf file Grading Criteria: 50 points 50% Content: I want you to clarify your thoughts and present well thought out points (2-3 points for each questions with backup reasoning) based on the telecast 25% Grammar/Spelling: Use proper sentence structure and grammatical rules 25% Structure/Format: Should be organized in a logical manner to make easy to read, meet minimum formatting requirements Full Credit – Due by 11/30/18 @ 11:59p Submitted through Titanium 20% Deduction – Due by 12/7/18 @ 11:59p Submitted through Titanium No Credit given after 12/7/18
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