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After reading the Week #5 learning resources (chapters 9 –

10.5 pgs. 445-551 in your text book as well as the Oregon State University resources provided), complete the following activity for the Week #5 Discussion.

Please use the name of your assigned nutrient as the title of your post!

Each of you will take a closer look at a vitamin or mineral discussed from the Week #5 learning


IIn your primary post you should 1) provide

an overview of this nutrient for your classmates. 2) Include an explanation of the functions/roles your nutrien t plays in the body, 3) dietary sources of the nutrient and 4) something you did not know before about this nutrient or that would be most useful for your classmates to know.

Please use the learning materials (online textbook or two links provided from OSU ) as your


IIf your nutrient is not well covered in the learning materials please use a reputable

source to reference, such as

they have nutrient fact sheets for health professionals


In addition to general comments and questions, I encourage you to dig deeper and

provide additional

information about the nutrient for which you are responding to, that are not included in the ooriginal post (for example, what diseases are associated with deficiency of the nutrient, or what effects toxicity of that nutrient can have on the body


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