Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

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Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Discussion 1

As a junior congress person you have been asked to help promote a bill to allow casino gambling in your state. There is much opposition to this bill. Using distributive bargaining, discuss the pros and cons which might arise toward the passing or defeating of this bill.


For all discussions questions a primary response of 300 word must be posted to the discussion forum. Each student is to post Two reply to another students’ posting (minimum 200 words) and must be posted.No plagarism.

Reply to topic:-

Distributive bargaining, also known as claiming value or a win – lose bargaining, is a method of conducting negotiation used to decide upon the distribution of a fixed resource The negotiators or the parties involved assume that there is not enough room for negotiation/improvement/expectations and that more one side gets, the other side will get less.

Distributive bargaining is important as there are certain disputes that cannot be solved in any other manner. If the stakes of the parties involved are high then such conflicts cannot find an easy resolution. A good example can be like if a private organization decides to cut 30 percent jobs due to budget constraints then a decision about how to cut, what to cut, how to compensate for the masses that would be affected would have to be made.

Assuming I am the junior congress person for the State of Wisconsin, the City of Kenosha due to its strategic location with looseness to Chicago and the city Milwaukee and the comparatively lower land prices and Amazon fulfillment center coming up as planned the State has passed the bill of developing a Casino in this sleepy town which hosts a number of Pensioners. The residents mostly who are pensioners and working class having their offices in Milwaukee are resisting this development. We would be holding a one to one discussion with them to understand their points and to find away about to ensure the Casino benefits the county and public at whole.


1) Ceasars Palace Casino company – Viki Properties would be developing the casino and has agreed to share 30% of the earned net profit with the State government which would be used to develop the City of Kenosha and its suburbs.

2) The partnership in profits based on how the casino works would be increased by 2% every 10 years.

3) The property tax thereby would be reduced for the residents and so would the water and other infrastructure charges that residents pay would be reduced by 10%.

4) The Casino is supposed to generate 5000 jobs to start with yearly and would increase with expansion.

5) With it being the only Casino in this side of the state and with the proximity to Amazon fulfillment center this is ought to bring up the land prices attracting more commercial and industrial development. Yet the residents would not have to pay more taxes as the profit that would be shared with the state would be used to reduce the property taxes and focus on infrastructure development.

6) The Ceasars Company has agreed to sign an MOU with the University of Wisconsin System to generate employment and offer it to Wisconsin Locates only. This is already in practice with Amazon and has benefited newly passed graduates and other experienced professionals as they would not have to relocate or traverse to Chicago for work.

7) The casino is intended to bring in rise in base wages as already seen with Amazon paying $10/hr over the base state wage of $7.50/hr.


1) Current Infrastucture would need to be enhanced to handle more traffic coming in. The residents would currently face some inconvenience only for the time being. But with better infrastructure the residents would benefit with superior road and public transport facilities that are currently inexistent.

2) Pollution: Due to influx of visitors over the weekend, the city and the beach is expected to get crowdy.

3) The cost of living with reference to restaurants and hotels is bound to get jacked up due to more visitors. To take care of this the Kenosha County residents due to an EIN ID issued would be given discounts on the fooding and lodging at hotels.

4) More jobs meaning more construction and more noise pollution with the greenery being cut to accommodate this but this will be handled with a policy that every tree cut, the state would plant two additional trees in the periphery areas.

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