Module 04 Written Assignment – Creating An Organizati

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Module 04 Written Assignment – Creating An Organizati

Research two or more organizations’ corporate websites and examine their organizational culture in regards to diversity. In a 2-3 page, APA formatted paper, compare and contrast these organizations and identify several strengths and weaknesses of each. From your analysis determine which you believe to be the more inclusive culture and why.

Grade/Weight: 0-100

Content (Implicit/Explicit): 20/20 

Met requirements (Paper length):25/25 

Grammar and Spelling:10/10 

Relevance in discussion: 25/25 

APA Method applied: 20/20 total points (Breakdown of points below)

  • (Overview/Abstract (3 points.)
  • space indentation (2 points)
  • double spacing (3 points)
  • in-text citation (2 points)
  • Summary/Conclusion (5 points)
  • 2 references (5 points): 1 online, 1 eBook, 2 online, 2 eBook)


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