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JWI505 Strayer University Make a Great First Impression

Read about how to “Make a Great First Impression.” Create a professional headline and post it. Go beyond simply listing your job title.

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JWI 505 Business Communications LinkedIn | Week Four – Page 1 – MAKE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION Every LinkedIn account has a headline attached to it. Your headline is the opportunity to make a first impression on anyone who views your profile. That headline could simply cite your job title, but why not take the opportunity to define yourself for the reader? Use your headline to tell the audience — in this case, other LinkedIn users — what they should know about you at a glance. For example, instead of simply writing, “Human Resources Manager” for your headline, you could instead write, “Dedicated Staffing Professional, Human Resources Specialist in an Award-Winning Workplace.” Instead of writing simply, “Sales Manager,” you could instead list your headline as, “Accomplished Revenue Driver.” Don’t simply tell people what you do; tell them who you are. THE CRITICALLY IMPORTANT SUMMARY SECTION Your summary is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. You need to learn to use it strategically. This begs the question: What do you want your summary to communicate, and to whom? In Week 4, we are going to begin preparing to write your LinkedIn summary. In week 7, we will review, enhance, and finalize your summary. For now, though, let’s lay the groundwork. – Page 2 – PREPARING TO WRITE YOUR SUMMARY To begin laying the groundwork for your summary, answer the following questions: § Who is your audience? Consider both the people you want to see your profile as well as people who might see it. § Who do you want to impress? Who do you want to take notice of you? Write your summary to those audiences. Consider the following points: o What do you want your audience to know about you? o How do you want your profile to make that audience feel? o What is it you want your audience to do? (Contact you about a job? Come to you for a job? Interview you? Contract with you? Something else?) Remember to include accomplishments that make you unique. LinkedIn represents a truly global professional network. There is a lot of competition. You can’t afford to get lost amidst the background; you must offer something that helps you stand out. List your victories. What are they? Where appropriate, include also your values and your passions. What are the things you do better than anyone else? Include a few things about yourself that aren’t necessarily all about work. What quirky, fun things make you unique? – Page 3 – Finally, consider validation and credibility. These are any awards, honors, recommendations, quotes about you, and so on. You may have direct recommendations posted to your LinkedIn profile, but consider including key quotes from them in the summary section. – Page 4 –
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