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introspection paragraph, English homework help

1.As I gaze out of my window, I can see the distinct signs that the season has changed. The once evergreen tree, standing tall right in the middle of my front yard has begun to turn a beautiful mixture of bright red and yellow hues. The tall, thick, green grass, that I enjoy taking care of with my family, is now short and dying, turning a shade of brown in large patches. On beautiful days like this, I like to open my window and let the fresh breeze fill the house. The sun is shining bright, the leaves are whistling in the wind, and you can hear the song birds singing sweetly to remind me of all the beauty this world has to offer. The school kids are getting off the bus from a long day at school, laughing and playing with their friends. It is truly a beautiful day here in Georgia.

read the paragraph,and reply the paragraph by your thought.

2.People rarely enjoy the small moments in life, I, on the other hand, tend to take them all in. The corners of my mouth curl up, and I feel a comforting warmth all over me as I peer out the screen of my sliding door that leads to my backyard. The sinking sun’s soft hue is illuminating everything outside. I notice the sky’s beautiful pink and orange waves of color as the evening rolls in. The red,orange, and yellow leaves on the trees begin to tremble, and the trees sway a little, as an autumn wind makes its presence known. It is that perfect time of the year when the weather displays its confusion by making the climate not too warm, but not too chilly either. One can go outside and be comfortable with just long sleeves on. I can still hear the birds singing to each other and the wind’s soft whispers on the trees.

read the paragraph,and reply the paragraph by your thought.



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