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Homework ( English )

i have 50 questions i just need from you to answer theses .that’s all i need

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A world.cyberhigh.org Course: American Sign Language B Cyber High Exam Question 22 of 50 An idiom is an example of words being used figuratively to create meaning. True False Question 23 of 50 Read the following sentence: Elliot was anxious about his math test on Friday, especially because he didn’t study. Which of the following synonyms for the word anxious best fits the context of the sentence? impatient worried eager Question 24 of 50 Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? Len wanted to make sure he passed his test, however, he did not study very hard. Len needed to pass his test Friday…which would be difficult to do without studying. Len wanted to make sure he passed his test on Friday; he needed to keep his GPA up. Question 25 of 50 world.cyberhigh.org Course: American Sign Language B Cyber High Exam Question 27 of 50 A shift in the voice or tone of an essay: might keep readers more interested in the material. should be done only in the introduction or the conclusion. could have a negative effect on a writer’s ethos. Question 28 of 50 During a peer review, someone suggested that a writer should add more evidence in places to help better support his argument. According to the reviewer, this writer needs to improve the essay’s: cohesion. unity. development clustering claims. Question 29 of 50 Based on the spelling rules in the Unit, which of the following word pairs are spelled correctly? fortunate/fortunatly alternate/alternative knowledge/knowlegable world.cyberhigh.org Course: American Sign Language B Cyber High Exam Question 16 of 50 Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? After walking home from school, Carl ate some cheese, crackers, and juice. After walking home from school: a pretty far distance: Carl ate some cheese, crackers, and juice. After walking home from school Carl ate cheese; crackers; and juice. Question 17 of 50 According to the 5 C’s of style, which of the following sentences is most effective? Thankfully, we were able to get home before the storm broke. We were able to get home before the storm broke, thankfully. We were able to get home, thankfully, before the storm broke. Question 18 of 50 Which of the following statements about the Writing Process is true? ООО A writer usually needs to write more than one draft. None of the choices are correct. An outline needs to have at least main sections. Sentences should be consistent and not vary in structure too often. The suggestions from a peer review should always be followed, even if the writer does not agree. Question 19 of 50 Course: American Sign Language B Cyber High Exam Question 1 of 50 A student is trying to persuade readers to agree that sugary drinks should not be sold on elementary school campuses. In order to make her position stronger, she realizes that she could use more statistics about childhood obesity. This means she needs to revise her essay for: development. unity. cohesion. Question 2 of 50 Which of the following sentences shows the least repetition of ideas? The cars were crammed onto the bridge during rush hour, and all of them were squished into two lanes on the bridge with nowhere to go. Many of the cars were stuck on the bridge during rush hour, especially because they were crammed into two lanes. The cars were crammed onto the bridge. As mentioned previously, there was no room for the cars to go anywhere and they were stuck on the bridge. Question 3 of 50 The purpose of an essay about NASA’s latest mission to Mars would be to: inform. persuade. entertain. Question 4 of 50 0 world.cyberhigh.org Cyber High Exam Course: American Sign Language B Question 42 of 50 An outline is used to: organize writing and to keep a writer on task while writing. generate an essay topic. determine the purpose, audience, and situation for an essay. Question 43 of 50 In an essay, voice and tone mean the same thing. False True Question 44 of 50 Which of the following words is spelled correctly? carfully carefuly carefully Question 45 of 50
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