HMD253 Cal Poly Pomona Lake Kivu Serena Hotel Case Study Analysis

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HMD253 Cal Poly Pomona Lake Kivu Serena Hotel Case Study Analysis

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify and analyze a case study from within the

hospitality industry that is focused on guest service, guest satisfaction or service improvement.

Task: You will write a five page analysis of your selected case study outlining the key elements

that assisted an organization in improving their guest service or guest satisfaction metrics. Think

outside the box and look for case studies that contain changes in technology, self-service, and

overall changes in industry trends.

You should outline the following questions in your analysis:

·  Brief overview of the organization

·  What was their initial challenge or problem?

·  What elements assisted in improving their service or satisfaction metrics?

·  How could this learning be applied to other organizations to positively impact their levels

of guest service or satisfaction?


·  Submission should be at least five pages, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 font

·  Properly cite and attach the case study with your submission

Tags: guest service hospitality industry guest satisfaction hospitality service improvement Lake Kivu Serena Hotel Case



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