HIPAA assignment

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HIPAA assignment

HIPAA assignment

Watch the 6 videos under the HIPAA section and answer the following questions.

Video #1 – What is HIPAA?Links to an external site.

Video #2 – What is HITECH?Links to an external site.

Video #3 – What is PHI?Links to an external site.

Video #4 – Individual PHI RightsLinks to an external site.

Video #5 – Penalties and FinesLinks to an external site.

Your answers should be included in a Word document to be uploaded by the due date.

1. What is HIPAA?

2. What are the goals of HIPAA?

3. Who is mandated to follow the HIPAA requirements?

4. What is PHI?

5. What is the HIPAA security rule?

6. What is the role of the security official?

7. List an example of a physical safeguard.

8. List an example of a technical safeguard.

9. What is HITECH?

10. Who is the focus of HITECH?

11. What is a NPP?

12. Describe what must be included in a NPP,

13. List three instances when patient authorization is not necessary to release PHI.

14. What are the exceptions to the authorization requirement?

15. Describe the possible civil and criminal penalties for a HIPAA violation.

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