Grant goals (Zika Virus)

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Grant goals (Zika Virus)

I need you to get the OL-goals assignment done, by using the grant assignment uploaded below. Also, I need to look for other goals for this Grant regarding to (ZIKA VIRUS).

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OL-goals and objectives For this online assignment, you will be practicing with your grant’s goals to create SMART objectives that you can use in future papers and in your final grant. Use the format below. Choose TWO of the many goals from your grant. Write one goal in the space below. Then, make that goal specific to your population. Finally, fill in the first column ONLY on the chart below. You will write one objective per row. You should have 4-5 SMART objectives in the chart. Then repeat the above procedure for your second goal. The scoring rubric is at the end. Grant Goal: Goal related to your community: Objectives Strategies Evaluation Grant Goal: Goal related to your community: Objectives Strategies Evaluation Criteria Objective Assignment Scoring Follows directions Yes-1 No-0 Both-2 One-1 Neither-0 Up to four points (2) Goal 1-matches grant- .5, matches population-.5 Goal 2- matches grant-.5, matches population -.5 (up to 7) Goal 1 More than half match the goal (.5), there are 4-5 for each goal (.5) and .5 pt if each of the following occur more than half the time S, M, A, R, T) Goals are from the grant Goals for your population match the goal from the grant AND your population’s needs SMART Objectives · Match the goal (.5/goal) · There are 4-5 (.5/goal) · S, M, A, R, T (5/goal) Spelling and grammar Goal 2 More than half match the goal (.5), there are 4-5 for each goal (.5) and .5 pt if each of the following occur more than half the time S, M, A, R, T) Up to 3 points (loss of one point/error up to 5 points) Your score/comments Abdullah Alyami Prof. Michele HLTH 315 Grant Assignment. Read over you assigned grant and answer the questions below. For each item be sure to include the page number where you found your answer. The purpose of this assignment is to pull the most important info from your grant and put it into a short document. That way you can use this (rather than looking at the grant) whenever you need to clarify something. Review your grants and answer these questions about it. 1. What type of agency do you have to be in order to apply for this grant? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) / Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Re gistry (ATSDR) (page 1) 2. How much money can you get per year…and how many years is the grant? What is the total? An applicant can get an average of $200,000 grant per year. The grant is five years. The total amount for the five years is $200,000 * 5 = $1,000,000 (Page 2). The applicant can also receive an additional amount of $80,000 to $160,000. 3. Are you required to match their funding? Cost sharing and matching funds is not required for the program. (Page 2) 4. What are the major goals of your grant? What stipulations are there? What do you have to be sure to include? Goals (page 4 and 5) The major goal is to determine the impact of maternal Zika virus infection on adverse outcome in high risk counties and cities withy expected academic transition or potential cases associated with high volume of travel from endemic countries. To improve birth and health outcomes overall, and improved outcomes among children with microcephaly and select CNS defects possibly linked to maternal Zika virus infection To improve rapid and accurate ascertainment of microcephaly and select CNS defects possibly linked to maternal Zika virus approaches by state public health programs To Increased awareness among at-risk populations about the identification and prevention of maternal Zika virus. Stipulations (page 13 and 14) Applicants should possess the capacity and legal authority to collect population based birth to birth defects data on microcephaly and select CNS defect and obtain local or state laboratory of pregnant with positive or inconclusive Zika test results. Applicants should have the public health authority and/or legislative mandate to conduct population-based birth defects surveillance They also have the experience, capacity, expertise, and resources to implement a populationbased surveillance program There should be a coordinated effort with the U.S. Zika Pregnancy Registry. Applicant must describe the level of organizational capacity necessary to implement the FOA successfully. 5. What is the designated population for this grant? The designated population is women of child age, pregnant women, infants with possible microcephaly or other brain abnormalities in a defined location or geographical area of a state identified by an applicant. (Page 9) 6. To what data does your grant refer? Data ascertaining to the number of birth defects in various parts and their cause. It also includes the observed distribution of Aedes Albopictus mosquito (Page 1 and 10) 7. What are the restrictions of how you spend the money? In other words. On what can it be spent and on what can it not be spent? Funds cannot be used for research or for clinical care except if allowed by law. Funds cannot be used to purchase furniture and equipment’s. The funds can only be used for reasonable program purpose including personnel, travel, supplies, and services. Reimbursement and re- award is not allowed. Funds cannot be used for publicity or propaganda purpose or for salaries and expenses. (Page 24 to 25) 8. Is collaboration with other agencies required…if yes…what organizations will you need to gather to join in your efforts? If not required, would it benefit your grant…and then which organizations should you include? Collaborations is required with other CDC programs and CDC funded organizations and also collaborations with organizations not funded by CDC. (Page 8 and 9) 9. What are some of your ideas on how you could make this grant work? List 4-10. I am asking you for YOUR ideas….not what the grant says. This grant can be made to work by giving a detailed outline on the use of finances in carrying out its intended purpose. The grant can be made to work by getting into the deepest source of the population for proper benefits. The grant can be made to work by involving serious staff into the organization to carry out the work. The grant can be made to work effectively by making a follow-up and a review of every step made towards achieving a goal. The grant can be made to work by proper utilization of time and proper allocation. 10. How many staff will be needed to make this happen? -this is based on your answer to #10. Up to 8 members of staff are required. 11. What purchases would be required….for example, will they need computers, phones, office supplies? Purchase of computers for data recording and follow ups. Purchase of note books, stationeries. Purchase of map tracking devices Purchase of network locators and communication cellphones Purchase of disease protection substances and drugs for self deffence. 12. Are people required to attend conferences related to the grant? What expense might be related to this? There is no conference related to the grant. Expenses that might be related to the conference are transport and accommodation expenses. 13. What is the maximum number of pages, what is the font, spacing, etc.? The maximum number of pages is 20 pages including the work plan, single spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margin, numbered pages. Content beyond 20 pages are not reviewed. (Page 20) 14. What questions do you need to have answered, that have not been addressed? What is the criteria for reviewing applicants? What are the main things that an applicant should attain to be considered for the award? Which are the target areas/regions for the CDC? What are the benefits of the Grant project?
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