Ford Motor Company Financial Model Paper

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Ford Motor Company Financial Model Paper

Select a publicly traded company that you will work with in various modeling projects throughout the course. The following should be considered when making your selection:

  • Publicly traded
  • Listed on Yahoo or MSN Money
  • Do not pick a conglomerate with many diverse divisions if possible
  • Look at both balance sheet and income statement of the company and be certain the various entries are consistent and simple enough to identify.
  • Be certain the firm has adequate history (at least 5 years).
  • Best if the firm pays dividends
  • Profitability is good, but not essential

The right company selection (with instructor’s approval) at the beginning of the course will prove to be critical at the end of the course. A topic will be provided within the scope of study of Financial Modeling Methodologies. You are expected to use your selected company as a basis for your final project. Research, answer any questions asked, build a related model (some of the work already done may be incorporated into the model where appropriate) and in a written paper (APA format is required), describe how you built your model, how it works, and why you arrived at and selected their model as the best possible solution to the problem.

Submit your company selection to the discussion board by the end of Intersession 1. You may not use the same company as one of your peers. (Your company selection is not graded. However, your company selection must be approved before continuing work on the final project.)

Your final project consists of two deliverables: a written report and an in-class presentation.

Your written reflection should be at least 2 pages and follow proper APA format. Show your work for any calculations and cite any outside references used. Be sure to thoroughly address all of the items listed above.

Note: In general terms take a company, research how the company’s financials have been progressed over few fiscal years and do some analysis that looks at an issue that looks interesting. one idea: Look at the changes in the company’s capital structure and compare these changes to how comparable firms were capitalized?

what impact did chosen capital structure have on this financials?

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