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 Discussion 1   75 words count

What does a citation contain?

What are the two different types of citations?

How do they point to each other?

Discussion 2 

75 words count

Can you (or anyone else) post an example of an in-text citation and the reference citation it points to?

Discussion 3

75 words count

Watch “Construct an Academic Paragraph”. 

From the video above, what do you learn about how to construct an academic paragraph? How will you apply what you learned to your future work?

Discussion 4

We can all use some point of view practice! Since we are writing our essays in third person, let’s practice third person point of view. All of these sentences have point of view problems. Please make them all third person point of view.

  1. When I read about single parents, I feel like someone gets me.
  2. There were many people at the party, but you wouldn’t have seen Jay.
  3. When you want to listen to music, people usually pick their favorites first.
  4. I am going to write about how people typically speak in second person point of view.
  5. Did you ever look at a guy on the bus and wonder if he’s a single parent?
  6. Why do you want to know anything about protecting your identity?
  7. If you want to know more about conflict resolution, Amy is the person to ask.
  8. I thought Sarah would like the party, but I noticed she didn’t.
  9. When the people heard the trumpets, you knew the band was coming.
  10. My essay is about PTSD and the various treatment available to soldiers.


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