Factory farming, research argument paper

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Factory farming, research argument paper

Submitting this again after the last two tutors thoroughly disappointed me!

Write a researched argument essay about an issue (given below). This paper based on the research, but you should take into account : begin by showing the conversation your paper is responding to (“they say”), have a clear statement of your own argument (“I say”), include quotes and incorporate them smoothly, point out possible objections to your argument, use appropriate transitions, and explain why the issue matters. You might also consider adding metacommentary (including personal narrative or stories) and finding ways to include your own voice, even though this is academic writing.

Present a clear thesis. You must use at least three outside resources in this essay. No non-professional / non-academic websites may be used in this essay. At least four direct quotes must be used in the essay. The essay must be a minimum of Five (5) pages, double spaced. Cite and document sources using MLA format both in-text and on the works cited page.

Topic: Argue the case of banning factory farming due to the inhumane treatment of the animals, and how this affects the human health, and how unjustly animals are treated for commercial and corporate reasons.

they say/ I say link: http://cs2367-08.wikispaces.com/file/view/”They+S…


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