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edit ETHICAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY, writing homework help

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For your final exam for the course, you are to write an ethical autobiography essay that includes the story of how you learned to be good, cooperative, a good son or daughter, and a good person in general.–If, of course, you don’t feel that you are good, express this as well and the reasons why you think that you’re not good. Since this is your ethical life story, include specific events that occurred in your childhood and adolescents that made you think about behaving well, getting along with others, and doing the right thing. Which people were your heroes or role-models that you looked up to who, perhaps, made you want to be good. Were these your parents, relatives, friends or media characters you grew up watching. Did the video games or cartoons you watched as a child influence you? In particular, what were the television shows or movies that you saw growing up that made a special impact on you and, perhaps altered or influenced the current direction of your life? To the extent that any of the issues or theories we discussed this semester are relevant to your life and thought, write about them and how they influenced your thinking about what is good, and right and true, as you understand these. In particular, the topic of sexual morality is important to a person’s development as well as the topics of equality and discrimination and economic justice. If these issues did not have an impact on you growing up, what are your thoughts about these issues today?
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