Drugs in society exam

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Drugs in society exam

Drugs in society exam which includes Matching, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, and short answer.

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Midterm Exam Study Guide Exam Format: Fill in the Blank, Short Answer, Multiple Choice Terms (definitions) 1. Terms: a. Legal Instrumental b. Legal Recreational c. Illegal Instrumental d. Illegal Recreational 2. Drug Control: a. Supply Reduction b. Harm Reduction c. Demand Reduction 3. Drug Terms: a. Legalization b. Decriminalization c. Medicalization Matching / Fill in the Blank / Multiple Choice 1. Drug/Brain Physiology (Neurons, receptors, neurotransmitters) 2. Theoretical models of addiction – moral, disease, social education, personality 3. Dopamine pathway & Addiction (Physiology of addiction) 4. Definition / Warning signs of addiction 5. Prevention strategies / Types of prevention programs / Levels of prevention 6. Effective prevention vs. Ineffective prevention 7. Treatment options
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