Culturally Relevant and Anti-Bias Early Learning Environments.

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Culturally Relevant and Anti-Bias Early Learning Environments.

Early childhood education professionals may undertake significant efforts to design and provide culturally relevant and anti-bias environments, but still fall short in fostering environments in which children are fully inclusive of others and free of prejudice. Educators and early childhood leaders need to understand and be respectful in creating and maintaining culturally relevant and anti-bias early learning environments.

Imagine you are an early childhood educator or an early childhood administrator who has received the four surveys below from families. After you read through the surveys, select one family that you want to use for this discussion.

Write a transcript responding to common questions that a family such as you selected would tend to bring up at a parent-teacher conference, based on the survey data and your experience as an educator or an administrator.

Examples are shown below. Provide five questions, which may be selected from the list below, derived from your experience, or a combination of both. Each response should include a fact from the survey.

  • What resources are available to help my child learn language?
  • What support and resources can you share to help support obstacles children might be facing?
  • How can I support my child’s learning in the classroom?
  • How can I help support my child at home?
  • How will you be sure to include all children in the learning despite their differences?
  • What role do families play in the early childhood environment?
  • What are some of the activities that you will use to help children learn respect?
  • How do you deal with bias in the classroom?
  • Do you have any suggestions that could help families with education, literacy, or mentoring?
  • Can you suggest online resources for family learning?

After you choose five questions, develop and deliver your responses to each in the following format:

  • Provide a question asked by the parent on the top line of each section.
  • Provide and comment on your response to each question, including the following components:
    • Summarize your response to the family’s question.
    • Explain and defend your response, providing evidence and support from the course textbook.
    • Provide an example illustrating how your response would play out in an early learning environment.
  • Cite at least one website for each question that could serve as a resource for you as an educator or that you could share with parents.

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  The  purpose  of  this  survey  is  to  obtain  your  insight  about  how  to  better  understand  the  needs  of   our  children  and  families.    Your  feedback  is  very  important  and  will  be  kept  confidential.  Thank   you  for  taking  the  time  to  answer  these  questions.    This  information  is  very  helpful,  as  we   continue  to  develop  a  partnership  to  care  for  and  educate  our  children  together.    If  you  would   prefer  to  complete  this  form  directly  with  one  of  our  staff  members,  we  can  arrange  a  time  to   talk  with  you  about  this  information.     Please  fill  out  only  one  survey  per  family.       1.  What  descriptor  best  describes  you?     a. Parent     b. Foster  Parent   c. Grandparent/Guardian     d. Teen  parent     e. Other________________       2.  Your  gender/sex:     a. Male   b. Female     3.  Your  age:     a. 15  and  under     b. 16-­‐21     c. 22-­‐27     d. 28-­‐33   e. 34-­‐39   f. 40-­‐45     g. 46-­‐51     h. 52-­‐58     i. Over  60       4.  Your  ethnicity/race:     a. White     b. African-­‐American     c. Asian/Pacific  Islander     d. Native  American   e. Alaskan     f. Hispanic     g. Other__________       5.  What  is  the  primary  language  spoken  in  your  home?     a. English     b. Spanish     c. Other_________       6.  What  is  your  marital  status?     a. Single     b. Married     c. Divorced     d. Separated     e. Living  with  my  partner     f. Widowed     g. Other__________       7.  Who  lives  in  your  home?   Mother,  child,  and  one  sibling         8.  Number  of  children  in  the  home?           Ages   Child(ren)   0  to  2  years  old     1   3  to  5  years  old     1  (Child)   6  to  13  years  old       14  to  17  years  old         9.    What  is  your  education  and  employment  status  (check  all  that  apply)?     Mother   Education  Status     Some  High  School     High  School  Graduate     Vocational  School   X   Some  College     Associate  Degree     Bachelor  Degree     Graduate  Degree/Advanced  Graduate  Degree       Mother   Employment  Status   X   Employed  full-­‐time     Employed  full-­‐time     Seeking  employment     Unemployed     Pursuing  Education/Professional  Training     Other  _______________     10.  Does  your  family  live:     a. Alone  as  a  family     b. With  relatives     c. With  friends     d. In  a  shelter     e. Homeless     f. Other_______     Father     X             Father         X         11.    Do  you  have  health  insurance?   a. Yes   b. No       12.    Does  your  child(ren)  have  health  insurance?   a. Yes   b. No       13.  If  you  don’t  have  insurance,  are  you  eligible  for  Medicaid?   a. No     b. Yes     c. Don’t  know     14.    Does  your  family  have  reliable  transportation?     a. No   b. Yes,  car     c. Yes,  carpool  or  ride  sharing   d. Yes,  public  transportation     e. Other________________     15.    What  type(s)  of  childcare  are  you  currently  using?   a. No  other  childcare  used   b. Older  siblings     c. Relatives     d. Babysitter  in  the  home   e. Babysitter  outside  the  home   f. Other___________   About  how  many  hours  per  week  is  your  child  (ren)  in  child  care?  ____40+  hours_____________     16.    What  is  your  annual  household  income?   a. Less  than  $10,000     b. $10,000  -­‐  $14,999     c. $15,000  -­‐  $24,999   d. $25,000  -­‐  $34,999     e. $35,000  -­‐  $44,999   f. $45,000  -­‐  $54,999   g. Over  $60,000     17.      Do  you  receive  Public  Assistance?     a. No     b. Medicaid     c. Social  Security     d. Food  Stamps   e. Housing     f. Workers  Compensation     g. Unemployment  Benefits     h. Other_________________       18.    Where  would  you  like  to  receive  support  (Circle  all  that  apply):   a. Education     b. Employment  services     c. Food  and  nutrition  support   d. Health-­‐related  or  medical  help     e. Budgeting  or  stretching  income     f. Housing  improvements   g. Resources  in  community   h. Emergency  rent,  utility  or  shelter  help     i. Transportation   j. Divorce  Support  Group   k. English  as  a  Second  Language     19.    Which  community  resources  do  you  use  or  wish  to  use  (Check  all  that  apply):     Use  Currently   Would  like  to  use   Community  organizations     X   Crisis  intervention  &  counseling       Education,  literacy  &  mentoring       Employment  &  training       Mental  health  services       Information  &  referral       Substance  abuse  treatment       Emergency  assistance  (food,  etc)       Child  welfare  &  foster  care       Law  enforcement       Culture  &  art       Transportation       Family  support  services     X   Public  health  services  (IHS)       Legal  aid       Recreation       Youth  Boys  and  Girls  Club       Churches  &  Spiritual  organizations           20.    How  would  you  like  to  be  involved  in  your  child’s  school  experience?   a. Helping  in  the  classroom     b. Helping  with  field  trips  and  special  events   c. Serving  on  Parent  Committee     d. Translating,  verbal  or  written     e. Special  Projects     f. At  Home  Projects   g. Other______________________      


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