Cultural Diversity Case Study- Class Activity

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Cultural Diversity Case Study- Class Activity

Cultural Diversity Case Study- Class Activity

case study

Emma G, a 62 years-old Native American client has been a type 1 diabetic since age 13 years. She is
married and has two sons. She and her family have strong ties to her tribe and visit the reservation near
their home frequently. Over the years, she developed many of the long-term complications of diabetes
mellitus, including significant loss of vision, poor renal function, high blood pressure, coronary artery
disease, and peripheral circulatory problems. She had developed an infection in her right ankle that
became gangrenous and spread to her calf. This resulted in her having surgery to amputate her right
foot and calf.
You are the nurse caring for Mrs. G three days after her surgery. She is very upset about the loss of her
leg, frequently tearful, and has stated “I don’t know why the spirits did this to me.”

Questions for Thought

  1. What cultural assessment should be completed?
  2. What cultural elements should the nurse consider when communicating with Mrs. G?
  3. What is the priority problem for Mrs. G?
  4. How would you modify your care for Mrs. G?
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