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Criminal Justice Questions

The following questions need to be answered, no need to write paragraph answer as long as the question is answered.

1. What were the different conditions in England and the colonies that resulted in differing responses to criminals? 2. Why did the Quakers of Pennsylvania support the use of imprisonment? 3. What three intertwined developments led to the establishment of the American system of prisons? 4. What were the characteristics of the “Pennsylvania System”? 5. Why was the Pennsylvania system expensive? 6. How does the Auburn system prison differ from those of the Pennsylvania system? 7. What caused the demise of the Auburn system? 8. Why did prisons initiate training and education programs? 9. What led to the development of parole? 10. What was unique about the Elmira Reformatory? 11. How could Elmira inmates earn release to a guard-ian, the forerunner of a parole officer? 12. What innovation did California initiate at the end of World War II? 13. How did rising black consciousness in the 1960s affect prisons? 14. Why did the 1971 Attica riot become a turning point in corrections and the history of parole? 15. What new approach emerged in the aftermath of Attica and research that “Nothing Works”? 16. Why did both the left and right of the political spectrum favor eliminating parole? 17. What are the characteristics of an indeterminate sentence? 18. What are the different types of determinate sentence? 19. Why does the determinate sentence fail to accomplish equality of punishment?

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