Creative writing ( photo essay) one page

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Creative writing ( photo essay) one page

I need help to make up a story or creative writing about a fashion model

This is for a photography class. I already took photos of a fashion model or blogger and I need to create a story about her ( any story), how she started and got inspired by the clothes, color, dresses and fashion and how could she related to fashion when she was a little young girl. I am looking for a good story with nice wording.

I have attached another example of a photo essay so you can get an idea about what i am looking for.

Than you so much

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l T-Mobile LTE 1 81% 12:05 PM • Photo Essay As Emma sat plaiting her granddaughter’s hair, she couldn’t help thinking about her late beautiful daughter. She had often reported to her about her violent husband and how much torture she underwent in his hands. Emma remembered how she had watched her daughter sitting in deep thoughts and could tell that all was not well. Her face’s appearance spoke louder than words. Emma, without an education, and in a low-income job could not help her daughter. She didn’t know what to do other to ask her to persevere. How she wishes she had listened to her as her daughter expressed her desire to come out of that miserable marriage. News spreads like wild fire, and so did the story of her daughter’s mysterious death. She was deep asleep in the early morning when she heard a knock. At first, she thought she was dreaming. An old man from across the bridge had traveled to her home at early morning hours to pass the sad news to her. Emma felt empty. Her daughter was the only family she had, having lost her parents many years back in a slave trade moment. She was bitter with her daughter’s husband who she thought had killed her. She couldn’t get justice because she had no money to help pursue the case. She didn’t want to either, because that would not bring her back to life. She was bitter with the world and with her past in general. She went into depression and spent her time thinking. At some time she became mentally very ill and began roaming carrying pierces of cloths on her head which she would tie together. She was depressed, angry and bitter. Her daughter had a baby girl who she was given to take care. Her granddaughter reminded her of her daughter and the misery she had gone through in the hands of her husband. She somehow didn’t like her but had to live with her being the only family she knew. Emma never wanted to have a direct eye contact with her granddaughter during her early years. Emma hated everything and everybody including the dog. Emma could not help but bring her memories to the time her daughter was alive. She had a nice well-decorated house. She had her photographer well placed and those of her daughter. Though she did not have much, she was at peace and felt contented. Emma could not help wondering what will become of her granddaughter. “Will she be married to a violent man as my daughter did? What if I will not be there to help her?” She kept wondering. She was not able to give her granddaughter education, and like her and her mother, she would end up working in a low-income job. Emma wondered when this misery and poverty would eventually end. Emma’s granddaughter lowers her head waiting for her grandmother to plait her hair. She wondered why she was taking too long and what was happening because she was not making her hair. Emma’s
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