CON101 Central Arizona College How Paris became Paris Report

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CON101 Central Arizona College How Paris became Paris Report

The individual book report. I DO NOT HAVE THE BOOK


  • Book name: How Paris Became Paris: The Invention of the Modern City. By Dejean, Joan. ISBN 978-1620407684
  • Use your own words to answer the questions and when using citations (e.g., definitions, quotes) make sure to add references (where the citations are coming from) and add your comments to explain the answer.

Be sure that your report answers the following questions:

1. WHAT BOOK did you read (give a full bibliographic citation, attach after report as an appendix).

2. WHAT HAPPENED in this book? WHAT was built, WHERE, WHEN? Give a short summary of the structure(s)/city part/city and its intended functioning.

3. WHAT were the advantages of this structure(s)/master plan? In other words, what benefits to the people who lived by or used the structure(s)/city part/city occurred? Did the structure/city live up to its expectations? Did it succeed in unanticipated ways?

4. WHAT were the disadvantages of this structure(s)/master plan? In other words, what negative outcomes occurred for people who lived by or used the structure/city part/city? Particularly note any unanticipated negative consequences. Could these have been anticipated?

5. HOW innovative was the design of this particular structure(s)/city part/city, in terms of its methods and/or materials of construction, in terms of its environmental social impacts, and in terms of its use? Is it still in use? Is it still in use in the same way in which it was intended? Is it still as important as it was when it was built?

6. HOW did the LOCATION of the structure(s)/city part/city influence what was built and/or how it was built? HOW did the TIME in which the structure was built influence what was built and/or how it was built?

7. Did YOU like this book? Would you recommend it to others? Produce a review of it as an object of entertainment, perhaps using a review of a book in a magazine or newspaper as an example.

  • 7-9 page written report
  • Double-space
  • 12 point font
  • 1-inch margins all around
  • Number the pages

SUGGESTED OUTLINE: Front matter (cover page, table of contents). Introduction, to include a brief summary and a hint as to your key observations. Description, to include item 2 above. Impacts of the Structure(s)/City, to include items 3, 4, and 5 above. Relationship to builders’ place and time, to include 6 above. Conclusions, to include your thoughts on, for example, whether a similar structure/city part/city might be built today, and if so how the design, construction, and use of similar structures might be approached differently today, and any particularly interesting thoughts or observations you have on the structure/city. Back matter, including a reference list with complete bibliographic records for any sources including the book you read, your review (item 8), and any other relevant information you wish to include.

Tags: paris construction and culture revolutionary constructions Pont Neuf Place de Vosges



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