Community Health assessment survey

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Community Health assessment survey

APA style (Arial 12). Must be less than 20 % similarity. There is an attachment, if you need some information.

This survey assessment is from the community of Hialeah, FL 33013

You must present a table as an appendix with the following topics and description;

  • Community description.
  • Community health status (can be obtain from the department of health).
  • The role of the community as a client.
  • Healthy people 2020, leading health indicators in your community.
  • The age, nature, and condition of the community’s available housing
  • Infrastructure needs – roads, bridges, streetlights, etc.
  • The presence or absence of functioning businesses and industrial facilities
  • The location, condition, and use of public spaces
  • The amount of activity on the streets at various times of the day, week, or year
  • The noise level in various parts of the community
  • The amount and movement of traffic at various times of day
  • The location and condition of public buildings – the city or town hall, courthouse, etc.
  • Transportation
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Open spaces
  • Service centers
  • Religion and politics

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Running head: WINDSHIELD SURVEY IN HIALEAH CITY Nayara Lopez Florida National University Nursing Department BSN Program NUR 4636 – Community Health Nursing Prof. Eddie Cruz, RN MSN May 20, 2020 1 WINDSHIELD SURVEY IN HIALEAH CITY 2 Windshield Survey in Hialeah City Geographical Description Hialeah city in Florida is commonly referred to us as “the progressing city.” It is because of the residents who continuously seek new skills to improve their daily way of life (Nacimiento, 2015). The city comprises a vibrant, multiethnic, and varied community of people. The people are well known in the whole of the United States for being tenacious, hardworking, and skillful at sustaining their daily basic needs. For this reason, it has helped them to shape their economic, social, and cultural life aspects over the past years. Hialeah is physically located in the heart of Miami Dade County in Florida state. The city serves an approximate 225,000 people. Also, it occupies an area of about 30 square miles of the Hialeah land. The city borders the lake city of Miami, the spring city of Miami and Hialeah city. The city has a diversity of people and having a trip will unfold the differences on the economic level. The western part of the city has more residents living there than the eastern part of the city. Besides, the west has modern and permanent houses than in the eastern part. The main economic activities in the city include operating businesses based on technology as well as the manufacturing of electronics. In the western part of Hialeah, most houses are finely equipped, and well-structured enabling conditions and ultimate furniture’s I the houses. Most of the houses in the west of Hialeah are bordering the canals and sceneries that are excellent, increasing their value. In addition, the western part of the city is graced with beautiful vegetation and a variety of landscapes with a lot of cleanliness. WINDSHIELD SURVEY IN HIALEAH CITY 3 The increased variety of stores existing in the center consisting of clothing, home materials, pharmacies, and groceries has improved the lives of people. Celebrations normally happen in the well maintained and clean cities, especially when there are sporting activities (Seminario& Thulin, 2019) When such noble events occur, the residents of the town gather together to celebrate, especially in support of their own. There is a significant difference in the east, and the western part of the Hialeah the east, the house looks small, and the landscape existing in the area looks terrible. The streets are not clean, and there is a junk of yards in the shopping center, which is proof of the deserted and neglected neighborhood. Most of the residents are driving miles away to buy goods from other cities. Social Services and Health From the medical point, Hialeah city in Florida is having adequate social and health activities going around (Lebron, Cynthia, et al, 2016). Besides, the city has proved to care for the homeless people by providing sufficient shelters, and the vulnerable people in the society can access the clinics. Some poor people cannot have access to basic needs and medicine whenever they need it. The mayor has led the city in recognizing such people in the society who may need urgent help (Nacimiento, 2015). There are also rehabilitation centers for those who are addicted to different drugs affecting their state of mind and ruining their lives. The salvation army is an organization in the city that has well taken care of the people by offering assistance such as financial problems on time and offering them homeless people in emergency houses. The health services are taking place in either palm spring hospital, palmetto hospital, and finally, Hialeah hospital. They are the leading hospitals in the city, and any person WINDSHIELD SURVEY IN HIALEAH CITY 4 is eligible to get medical attention to any hospital of their choice. The healthcare facilities offer nonemergency and emergency problems to help their people on time. Leon is also another medical facility that offers urgent medical care as well as the Florida medical centers. The facilities are equipped to take care of the older people in the city and also the individuals who are suffering from chronic diseases, for example, diabetes insipidus. Hialeah city has one of the best transport systems in the whole state of Florida. The town has expressways, which is the Florida turnpike and palmetto. The neighborhood has opened up a way that opens up a way to Miami and the airport. The city has offered its means of transport to the residents who may want to travel in and out of the city to other states. The transport systems have improved jams in the area, opening up to other opportunities. There are sidewalks on the main highways to help people who may need to ride bikes or walk to burn calories and improve their health. From the research done in the city, it has indicated about 74% of the residents in the city prefer using private cars to go to different locations in their line of duty. The report also shows 3.2% of people prefer walking to their destinations, 6% use public means of transport to their work, and 3% of the residents work at home. It is challenging to work in the city. Protective Services and Citizen Safety. The city has invested in public works, police, efficient fire, and water services, which are serving the residents to the maximum (Nacimiento, 2015). The department of fire is called the Hialeah fire department. It has effectively responded to fire cases in the city as residents are enjoying what the mayor has provided. The fire services are first-class WINDSHIELD SURVEY IN HIALEAH CITY 5 due to how it responds to the crisis. The department has professionals who are qualified, and they offer their best as far as service delivery is concerned. In addition, the sewer and water department ensure they supply clean water to all the residents as well as clean the city. There are also good services in education where there are ten private schools and 35public schools. The national university of Florida is a promising avenue that teaches the students how to be good people in society. In summary, the city of Hialeah has a diversity of people who are working together to improve the state of their lives. The city has improved health services for the vulnerable people as well as the provision of emergency homes and rehabilitation centers to people affected by the drugs. WINDSHIELD SURVEY IN HIALEAH CITY 6 References de Nacimiento, G. (2015). New Urbanism and Smart Growth as a Framework for the Revitalization of Downtown Hialeah, FL (Doctoral dissertation, University of Florida). Lebron, Cynthia, et al. “A community needs assessment of the physical activity and food environment in a predominantly Hispanic US City.” Hispanic Health Care International 14.3 (2016): 124-131. Scarpaci, J. L. (2015). A Tale of Two Cities: Hialeah’s Economic Ties with Havana. FOCUS on Geography, 58(2), 49-58. Seminario Thulin, A. (2019). Resilient Urban Landscapes: Landscape as an Evolutionary Socio Ecological System. Chimes, F. ORIENTAL GARDENS.
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