Colorado College HPE Business Value Dashboard Article Discussion

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Colorado College HPE Business Value Dashboard Article Discussion

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LW 7…

Read the article, “HPE Business Value Dashboard.” Then, find an organization that has adopted a real-time dashboard for its internal use within the last three years. Do not repeat examples from the textbook or that have been posted by other students. Please respond to the following:

What are the most important parts of this dashboard?

How do these parts help the business managers? How do they help the individual contributors?

Have real-time dashboards replaced the traditional business report? Justify your answer.

KD 7

Describe the roles of four key stakeholders in an e-Learning environment, namely students, instructors, administrators, and technical support staff, and the challenges and leadership roles they face and play.

List and discuss at least three factors that affect interaction among students and between students and the instructor in an e-Learning class.

KD 7 other

discuss two areas in the ISTE Standards that you consider to be your strengths and two that you would like to strengthen. Propose two ways to strengthen these areas.

Propose a set of ground rules and protocols for students participating in an online class discussion thread in your school or corporate learning environment. Specify the environment and age level of the students. Include rules such as length of responses, number of responses, time by which the initial response needs to be posted, and other rules as you deem appropriate. Provide a rationale for your ground rules

JV class 1 6

businesses and universities are taking an interest in MOOCs and ideas like micro-credentialing. In the K12 world, teachers have to deal with larger classes, fewer support services for students, and more demands from administrators.

Is there a place for MOOCs, AI, and other connectivism in the education world?

You can answer either in general or address specific issues in your classroom, education environment, or the education environment in which you want to teach.

JV class 1 7

Artificial Intelligence vs. Augmented Intelligence

Research augmented intelligence applications in education and post an example of one from the last two years to the discussion board.

How do you think the role of the teacher/instructor/educator will change with using this application?

JV class 2 7 (1)

Biological vs. Conditional Theories
Please respond to the following:

What do biological theorists contribute to the discussion of learning and development?

Does the evidence they present support one position more than the other concerning whether development influences learning or the other way around? Why?

What implications for instruction would result if learning and development turned out to be mutually interactive?

JV class 2 7 (2)

Nature vs. Nurture
Please respond to the following:

Which side of the “nature vs. nurture” argument has the weight of evidence on its side?

What implications do your findings have regarding the education of ethnic minorities and other special populations?

What steps could be taken to address these implications? Explain your rationale.

JV class 2 5

Using information from Piaget’s learning theory, design a piece of instruction for five-year olds that teaches some aspect of any emerging technology and incorporates at least one of the components of the NETS for Students and / or the NETS for Teachers.

Describe how the same piece of instruction would differ if designed for adults.

Justify the differences in design strategy for the two groups.

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