CJBS 250 Research Methods

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CJBS 250 Research Methods

CJBS 250 Research Methods

Instructions:  1) Watch said video as stated above-about 55 minutes in length. 2) There are four sections/clips to the video, you must pick 2 out of the 4 sections/clips and answer the bulleted points on the CSI Template located under the leftside Course Information Section Menu. This must be submitted as one upload.  From the film i was talking kasey anthony , and you can choose some one from the film 

Title of the Case /Issue
1) Facts:
 List the pertinent facts
 Focus on the what, where, when and why of the case.
2) ) Issues:
 List the primary problem and issue
 List any secondary or related problems & issues
 Identify the sources or causes of the problem/issues.
3) Actors:
 Name, title, etc
 Identify any important traits of the actors that could shed light on the decision-
making process.

4) Analysis:
 Identify the resources & formal/legal constraints & issues (staff & budgetary
resources, rules & regulations, responsibilities of the job, etc..)
 Identify the ethical constraints & issues
 Identify the political constraints & issues
 Attempt to identify any unknown or unseen constraints & issues
5) Groups Analysis:
 In small groups, discuss step 4 (consider having each group member role-play a
different actor in the case and/or different community or interest group impacted
by the issues & course of action).
 If conflict arises in the group, consider suitable approaches to conflict resolution,
cooperation and coordination.

6) Courses of Action:
 Consider precedents or paradigms/models to guide the decision
 List 3 possible course of action & develop criteria to rank them
7) Decision(s):
 Select & recommend a course of action
 Provide a short overview of the decision & rationale/justification for it.

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