CIT3013 ASU Transition Difficulties in Technology Research

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CIT3013 ASU Transition Difficulties in Technology Research


research paper is expected to reflect insightful understanding of the material. Your research should be through, concise, logical and articulate. The paper must be properly formatted using the APA standard, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1″ margins. See the Term Paper Rubric for grading details.
“10 Pages Minimum And topic about any thing in technology including pictures on the paper”

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Term Paper Rubric Student Name: Class-Section: CIN: Item Possible Points Cover Page Separate Page 5 Abstract Separate Page 5 Introduction Separate Page 5 Proper APA Format 5 Main Body 100 Level: 5 Pages Minimum 200 Level: 6 Pages Minimum 300 Level: 7 Pages Minimum 400 Level: 8 Pages Minimum Masters Level: 10 Pages Minimum 40 In Text Citations 10 Conclusion Separate Page 10 References Peer Reviewed Material Separate Page 20 100 Level: 5 Citations Minimum 200 Level: 6 Citations Minimum 300 Level: 7 Citations Minimum 400 Level: 8 Citations Minimum Masters Level: 10 Citations Minimum Total Points 100 Points Earned
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Tags: Management Information Systems Cyber security threats Information Technology Infrastructure US economic productivity criminals and internet hackers



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