Cinematography: Movie Reflection

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Cinematography: Movie Reflection

Cinematography: Movie Reflection

Submit a 2 page movie reflection on how directors and cinematographers shape meaning in film using cinematography or production design.  You have a choice: Alfred Hitchcock’ Rear Window (1954) or Spike Lee’ Do the Right Thing (1990), both available on  Swank  (Links to an external site.), a free streaming service available through the FIU Library. The following questions should help frame your response:

What kind of shots and angles do directors and their cinematographers choose and why?

How do lighting and angles function in the scenes you chose?

Does the film’s aspect ratio play any role in developing the film’s themes?


Be sure to use specific details you’ve learned in Movies and Meaning. Learn the director and cinematographer’s names. You must cite at least TWO scenes for full credit. If you don’t cite Prince or the resources provided to you to support your arguments, you will not get full credit.

Be sure to write it in APA format. Consult the student examples I’ve uploaded to Canvas in the module called “Reflection Examples.”

Double-space every assignment.

Treat reflections as if they were short essays. You’re not writing a review of these films, therefore do not share how these films impressed you; don’t refer to the “gorgeous cinematography” or “incredible acting.”

Avoid a casual, chatty, gossipy tone. Do not use “I” or “you.” Do not use terms like “personally,” “I think,” “I feel.” 

Use sharp topic sentences to start your paragraphs. Refer to the samples in the module called “Resources.”

Watch the Movie Clip: Film Cinematography

Review the Assignment Rubric

Review the credible source guidelines. (Links to an external site.)guidelines.

Complete Movie Clip Reflection and submit the completed assignment through the Turnitin Dropbox link located below

Expert Solution: Cinematography: Movie Reflection

Cinematography: Movie Reflection
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