Chapter 2 Discussion – Video Response

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Chapter 2 Discussion – Video Response

Chapter 2 Discussion – Video ResponseAfter reading the textbook chapter, reviewing the lecture material, and viewing the lecture video, please respond to the following discussion question:

Connect the concepts from the Baggini’s Ted Talk to the concept of Identity Management, by defining in your own terms what Identity Management means. Do you agree with Baggini’s assessment of if there is a “real” you? Why or why not? Connect to concepts discussed in this chapter.

Your response should be 1-2 paragraphs (4-8 sentences) in length.

“There was a title called “Is There A Real You? (12 minutes)” with no video link posted.

However I think she was trying to post this one. –

Chapter 2 Lecture Slides.pdf – Download/View


Don’t know what this video is for exactly.

Chapter 2 Video Lecture (1 hour) –

Thank You So Much!

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