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Catering Capers Proposal, business and finance assignment help

Please  write in your own words do not copy from my  attached  executive summary just utilize the executive summary and consider and analyze how the following impacts success: resources, schedule, scope, budget, communications, training, and support. Length of proposal, including a title page and table of contents, should be 4-5 pages 12 font times roman,citations,references .Include the title page and table of contents in your page count.

Please take in mind that the  paper will be put through plagiarism checker  so please write assignment in your own words do not copy from  executive summary.

Below is  executive summary.

Company Overview: Catering Capers will be a new business to offer catering services to people in corporate functions, weddings, funerals, holiday parties and birthday parties. The business will help the people to enjoy their parties at the lowest possible rates by handling their eating and drinking themselves.

Industry: Catering business is growing very speedily and famous in delicate industries because it involves abundant cooking for a large number of people. In U.S., there are more than 10,000 listed caterers that have employed above 150,000 employees (Hill, n.d). The reason is this, there are numerous opportunities for caterers in this field all over the world. Almost, catering business in U.S. counts for $7 Billion profits. There is hardly a party or event that do not need catering services.

Profit or non-profit: Catering Capers is a nonprofit company because its major is not only to make money but to serve the community with the lowest rates and also providing homes, jobs and health facilities to poor people or employees. The company also involves in social service and create jobs for graduates.

Target market: Schools, wedding centers, houses, organizations, sports centers, event planners (Mplans, 2016).

Sales and marketing strategy: Recruiting experienced staff for sales and marketing, direct or referral marketing, online marketing, promotion of products, adopting guerilla marketing strategies, regular training programs

Stakeholders: Employees and shareholders are internal stakeholders and customers, government, communities, partners, suppliers, creditors are external stakeholders.



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