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Business Report

It is a business report. (outline for the report+ the report)

-You will write on (Recent trends in business-related technology) be sure to do your research. Report should be 3 – 4 pages long, double spaced, report format.

– Your writing follows a sophisticated organizational pattern that demonstrates full knowledge of the topic. The topic is also linked to the intended audience. The writing has minimal disruptive grammatical errors.

-Your position and demonstration of competency exhibits sophisticated thought.

-Information is presented in effective order. Excellent structure of paragraphs and transitions enhances readability and comprehension.

-Supporting details are specific to topic and provide the necessary information.

-Introductory paragraph is clearly stated, has a sharp, distinct focus and enhances the impact of the report

-Concluding paragraph summarizes and draws a clear, effective conclusion and enhances the impact of the report.

-No spelling or grammatical errors

-All resources are cited and appear with correct formatting

-Outline formatted correctly.



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