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Please summarize a statute or regulation of your choice.  I would prefer it has something to do with engineering, but I am open to suggestions.  Provide a 2-page brief and prepare a 5-7 minute presentation for the class on your topic.

  • The Brief should follow this outline:

    1.  Name of statute or regulation, U.S. code reference (or similar), date of enactment
    2.  Amendments to statute (or changes to regulation)
    3.  Problem addressed by the statute or regulation
    4.  Structure of the statute or reg. (how does it address a problem; how is it organized? Who are the responsible agencies, what are the penalties for non-compliance?)
    5.  Judicial decisions ( case name, case citation, and brief discussion of three cases which have been interpreted, modified, or enforced by this statute or regulation)
    6.  Comments on statute or regulation (is it understandable or complex? Who bears the cost of compliance? What problems might or have arisen from the implementation?) 


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