Argumentative Essay English (Due In 12 Hours)

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Argumentative Essay English (Due In 12 Hours)

 TOPIC :   

The role of smartphones data on crimes investigations 


Write paragraphs base on the OUTLINES 

NO Sources OR References 

I attached all the articles find two quotations from the articles 

   Please compose an argumentative essay of approximately 1000 words (about three to four pages) on a specific topic of your own choosing related to some aspect of technology in the twenty-first century. (Include a word count at the end.) Readings from the Rise of the Machines unit in They say I SAY  title, and a clear, high-quality thesis statement. It must also include at least two quotations from our THEY SAY/I SAY  articles. Please utilize the templates for quoting, though you can modify them to fit your exact requirements. The paper should also be written in Standard Written English, and should cite your outside sources correctly in MLA format. 






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