American Military University Incident Command System Project

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American Military University Incident Command System Project

  • Your Final Project should demonstrate your grasp of the concepts covered in the course, and on an issue of particular interest to you.
    • Concepts Covered in the Course:
      • Evaluate the hazmat laws, regulations, and standards on the local, State, and Federal levels.
      • Participate meaningfully in the process of planning, organizing, and training for response to hazmat/terrorist incidents.
      • Interpret and act on departmental responsibility for hazmat response preparedness, incident prevention, and incident response.
      • Identify and work with representatives of multiple services, levels of government, and organizations in an organized incident-management structure.
      • Discuss issues pertaining to terrorism and tactical violence, including terrorism preparedness, response, and planning issues.
      • Develop an incident command organizational structure for a hazmat response using the guidelines set forth in the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
  • The paper should be 5 pages minimum (including Title and Reference pages), and should not exceed 10 APA-formatted double-spaced pages.

Tags: APA emergency management levels of government hazmat laws process of planning



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