A1 Business and Technical Understanding Human Communication Discussion

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A1 Business and Technical Understanding Human Communication Discussion


Assignment 1


SEE-I Ch. 4 – Chapter 4 Lecture Slides – CLASS BOOK HERE – (Understanding Human Communication / Edition 13)

File Types pdf; and doc

I use symbolic language to communicate meaning by…

For information regarding how to write a SEE-I please see the handout – located here.


Assignment 2


Chapter 4 Discussion – Article Response – Lecture Article: Why are Norwegians so happy? In a word koselig

After reading chapter 4 in your textbook, viewing your chapter 4 lecture, and reading the chapter article, respond to the following prompt:

How does our culture affect the words we have available to us? How does this in turn affect our self concept in both positive and negative ways? Do you think individuals need to have a word available in their vocabulary in order to feel an emotion, or does feeling the emotion allow for the language of that feeling to form (what comes first the chicken [emotion] or the egg [language] argument)?

Your response should be 1-2 paragraphs (4-8 sentences) in length.


Chapter 4 Video Lecture (37 minutes)

Thank You So Much!

Tags: cultural diversity communication skills Culture and language human communication communication process

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