A1 Business and Technical College Gilded Age Colonization Questions

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A1 Business and Technical College Gilded Age Colonization Questions

Primary Source Discussion – Colonization

Primary Source Discussion: Gilded Age

Welcome to the first Primary Source Discussion assignment.

In these assignments you will have the opportunity to interact with primary sources and your peers. From the syllabus:

What is a primary source?

A source is anything that informs us about the past.

primary source is a source that comes directly from the time period/place of historical inquiry.

These individuals will have lived during the time period of inquiry and will provide a unique insight into this historical time period. Remember, primary sources are not always 100% accurate or 100% useful. They are also incomplete information. Use your critical thinking skills to answer the discussion questions and respond to your peers.

You will also incorporate these primary sources into your essay assignment.

You will not be able to see other replies until you have posted your own.


Choose a primary source you would like to read: (the links will open up a PDF file)

Bartoleme de Las Casas

Bernardino De Sahagun

Christopher Columbus

Sebastian Brandt

Son of William Pond

United Colonies


Pick 2 of any of the questions below to which you want to answer about the specific primary source chosen.

– How might the author’s biography (personal background) impact his/her perspective?

– How could the author, or the document itself, be biased and not completely accurate?

– How might the document support (or not support) your essay paper argument? (essay questions are at the bottom of intro pages ie: Colonization of the New World (1492-1700))

– How might the document be relevant to a current event? (be specific about what current event)

– What else would you like to know about the author or the document itself?

– What other documents/perspectives would be helpful in giving a more complete picture of the historical event?


Post your answers to the discussion. In writing your answers 1) indicate which source you read. 2) indicate which questions you are answering. You will not be able to see other peoples posts until you post your initial response. Each answer must be longer than 60 words for full credit. Use the format below:

Source read: Christopher Columbus

Question 1: How might the author/document be biased?

Answer below here after identifying the source and question. Your answer here must be at least 60 words in length for full credit.

Question 2: How might the document be relevant to a current event?

Answer below after identifying the second question you are answering, at least 60 words in length


Reply to the posts of at least 2 of your peers. You may respond in any way that you see fit but if you are having trouble thinking of how to reply consider the follow up questions below:

– Do you agree or (respectfully) disagree? Be sure to include why.

– If biased, is the document still useful? why or why not?

– Could the document be used to support (or not support) the counter-argument to the essay question?

– How might additional information about the author/document change its meaning?

– Are the suggested additional documents/perspectives sufficient? problematic? bias?


Please and Thank You

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