450 words music analysis on american undergroun

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450 words music analysis on american undergroun

Part 1 (200 words)

Listen to the following Velvet Underground song, and complete a free write on your aural experiences.

Defined as proto-punk, describe the overall sonic texture and production value, and discuss two features that stand out musically and vocally.

Read the lyrics below, and consider the specific message and how Lou Reed uses language and imagery to express his place in the New York City underground.

Part 2 (250 words)

Listen to the following two songs by Patti Smith and Bikini Kill, and complete a free write on your aural experiences. Describe the overall sonic texture for each recording, and two features that stand out musically and vocally for each one. What is the specific message for each song? Consider how each group lyrically exhibits a sense of female empowerment or feminist attitude.

Patti Smith Group – “Gloria” (1975)Bikini Kill – “Feels Blind” (1993)

Bikini Kill – “Feels Blind” (1993)

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