2 pgs. Choose either question 1 or 2

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2 pgs. Choose either question 1 or 2

Kindly read the instructions and do as it says. I will not accept plagiarised work or work that does not make sense. Remember you are to choose either question 1 or 2

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Points: 15 Due Date: July 24 Choose one you This paper discusses how you handled an ethical challenge: a situation where you felt genuinely pulled between two courses of action, either two goods or the lesser of two evils (example: the state trooper and the trapped truck driver). It’s not about a time when knew exactly what needed to be done and did it. That’s not a dilemma. Don’t use someone else’s ethical dilemma; that’s their story, not yours. However, if that person consulted you for advice, you may have had an ethical dilemma if you felt pulled between more than one of Ross’s moral duties or the Kidder 5. . ♡ [ 아 OR Choose one of the following situations: Imagine yourself In Frankl’s place. As a neighbor of Kitty Genovese 1. 2. 3. Like the team project, choose one ethical theory from each set (a total of three theories). Ethical subjectivism, cultural relativism, or divine command Ethical egoism, utilitarianism, or natural law Deontology, rights-based ethics, or virtue B Describe the dilemma, using no more than 1 2 pages to do so, ending with a statement of the two choices you faced with the potential problems of each. Then using a separate paragraph for each, apply each of the three belief systems to the dilemma, describing the possible consequences of using the theory to guide your actions. Quote from the text to support your points. (20% penalty if no quotations) • Finally, include a conclusion in which you discuss your actual decision, the moral principles you used, and if you wish, whether after reflection you’d change your decision. no all to include
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